Tyline’s Bio

Tyline M. Hood is an African-American writer. She spent her childhood in Berea, Ohio, where she developed a love for writing in the classrooms of Berea High School. Tyline wrote many forms of literature, which left her with the desire to write a book some day. After graduating from Wright State University in 2001 with a B.S. in Elementary Education (1-8), she became a teacher and followed her love for inspiring children. She continued to write and one of her principals gave her a compliment that when she teaches, Tyline is like a motivational speaker. Another one of her principals told her that she can tell that she loves to write because it is evident in her lessons and the work of her students. Tyline believes that to teach is to never stop learning, which led her to go back to school in 2008. On the first day of class, Tyline was asked the question “Where do you see yourself in five years?”, Tyline replied that she will have completed her Masters of Arts program, have her principal’s license and her first book will be published. She believed in what she could achieve long before she did it and she wants to inspire children to do the same. Tyline married her best friend, Byron M. Hood in August 2009. She shared that he has always supported her dreams. In 2010 Tyline graduated from Ursuline College with a Masters of Arts in Educational Administration and acquired her principal’s license. After having their son in October of 2010 she continued to keep the goal of publishing her first book. Tyline began reading to their son every night and believed in telling him words of encouragement, which sparked the idea to write an inspirational children’s book. She was pregnant with their second son and began the writing process. In December 2011, three days before her birthday, Tyline submitted her work to be published. Now the titled book I Love You So Much, Goodnight., has been published and is Tyline’s first book. She is excited to share this inspirational bedtime story with children around the world.

How I Became An Author

Dreams. I was taught that dreams do come true, but it starts with believing in you. I had always wanted to write a book, but I did not know what it would be about. Writing allowed me to really think about what I desired to have and set goals in place to reach them. I believed in myself and shared with others what I would one day have. Therefore, it is important to not only know what you want, but believe that you can have it.

Grown up. When I grew up, I continued to write different forms of literature. I would even share some of my work with my students to inspire them to write. I held on to my belief to publish my first book. I believe that everything happens when it is supposed to. Then it happened, I married my husband and we had our first son. I was inspired to write as a result of reading to him every night. The ideas began to come to me and while being pregnant soon after with my second son, it was clear to me what my first book would be about.

Stories. I had written about many things, before I decided what my first published book would be. As a new mommy, I began to think about what I wanted for my two sons. I wanted to write something for them that would have longevity in the message or theme. When I wrote, “I Love You So Much, Goodnight.”, I was writing from a parent’s perspective. As parents you naturally express love to your children and want to encourage them to dream big. This book really embraces that and I believe that it will convey this message to all that read it.

These days. Working with the youth is my passion and I see myself in an administrative position soon. I am still inspiring young minds in the classroom. I am enjoying raising my two sons. I love spending time with them. My husband and I enjoy traveling with our little ones and the sky is only the beginning for us. Yes, I am still writing.