Book Reviews

-got to see a preview of a children’s book by Tyline M. Hood, sooo excited. Ready to order my own!
Tyffani M. Dent

-I really like this book. It brought tears to my eyes. Children and parents will love it. Please write more…
Lillie Brown

-Awwh, I like this book. I like the fact that it is inspirational for children.
Chauntell Beal

-I really loved your book and how it blessed the children's future. The illustrations depicted a two parent family, which was very nice to see.
Rosalind Hosey

-My daughter loves this book! The moment after I purchased this book, we rushed out to our car. While in her car seat, she grabbed the book out of my purse. As I drove down the street, I looked in my rearview mirror and saw her flipping the pages as she tried to read the book. Now we read the book every night. Although she is only nineteen months, she loves this book and will sit still to read it over and over!
Nicole Patterson

-I enjoy reading this book to my grandson every night. I am excited to be reading a book that is written by someone so close like a daughter.
Cynthia Russell-Ford

-I thoroughly enjoyed the book and will be sharing your website with others.
Dr. Jim Connell

-"I Love You So Much, Goodnight." is a must have! As a new mother I always read to my son before he falls asleep. Now with this book I’m able to praise & encourage him on his daily accomplishment. Thank you Mrs. Hood for telling more than a story. Your book allows my son to be the main character every night I read this to him. Kudos for bringing positive words into our home!